Tips and Advice

Manx Dyslexia Association

Tips for Parents

Being a parent of a child with dyslexia can be hard, but you can support your dyslexic child in many different ways, which will make a positive difference to their life.

Tips for Employers

As some of your employees may be dyslexic, it is important to know about their conditions and how you can help them to perform better at work. Having a dyslexia friendly environment, the employers will get the most from their employees and there are a number of benefits too.

It is important to make the employees feel secure and supported by the employer so that they won’t feel discriminated against or feel that they are being left to struggle alone. In the UK it is unlawful for employers to discriminate against a current or prospective employee on the basis of their dyslexia, under the Equality Act 2010,this may well soon be the case on the Isle of Man as well, as new Disability Legislation is being planned by the Government.

To be able to accomplish this, reasonable changes can be implemented in the workplace to ensure that employees with dyslexia feels comfortable working and doing their job.

Supporting a dyslexic employee includes:

Advantages in understanding dyslexia and supporting them:

It is known that Dyslexics approach problem solving differently from other people. They tend to see the ‘whole picture’ instead of small aspects of a problem. They also think ‘outside the box’ so may bring new ideas to a discussion in the workplace.

It’s important to let your employer know about you being dyslexic so that your employer can find out more about dyslexia. Through this they would be able to identify your issue in the workplace and can have adjustments to help you; such as communication methods and how to explain certain task when it’s hard to understand. Furthermore, if there’s anything that you feel you need particular support on you should mention this to them so that they’ll know how to help you with it.