Listening-Books is a UK charity that provides over 20,000 audio books to people over the UK who find it hard to read, because of illness, Dyslexia or disability. The audio books cover Key Stage 2, 3,4 and up to GCSE as well as A-Level and more. It does cost to listen to the Audiobooks, £20 per year as member.

There are number of different ways you can listen to your audiobooks.

  • Through the post on CD.
  • Downloaded online.
  • Streamed from their website.

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Barrington Stoke Books

Barrington Stoke Books is an independent publisher which is dedicated to cracking reading for people. The books are designed to have a lower reading age than the interest age of the books. Therefore a book written to engage teenagers for instance, would have a reading age of a younger person. This allows children and young people to read books of interest that might otherwise be too difficult for them to access, the way books work is the person may have a reading age of 8, but their interest. What it does is make child feel good about reading

Example: Fox Friend, reading age 8, interest age 8-12.

Click here to visit book store 

There is also a selection of books at Douglas and Onchan Library


BBC bitesize

BBC bitesize provide a number of different learning resources for, children, parents and teachers, it presents material in a number of different ways such as videos , audio clips, quizzes, games etc. To visit the BBC Bitesize website click here.

Number Shark & Word Shark

Word Shark

Word Sharks is great computer programme for reading and spelling, it has over 60 different games to teach reading and spelling, and is specially designed for children who find it hard to read and spell. The games make reading and spelling fun at the same time, so a child doesn’t become bored. It also addresses many difficulties which lead students to dislike English.

for more information word shark click here

Number Shark

Number shark is similar to word shark but it deals with maths, helping anyone improve their maths skills, including learning and practising times tables, addition, subtraction and counting money. It addresses many difficulties which lead students to dislike maths.

 Jungle memory (for memory)        

Jungle memory is designed to help kids from 7-16 to help improve their memory. This is a very good tool for users that have problems caused by poor memory. Over a period of time their memory will improve. Click here to visit Jungle Memory

General information website to do with dyslexia.

Being Dyslexic

The being dyslexia website provides information on, how to tell the signs of dyslexia, how it works, and how you can get tested for it. To visit this click here

Dyslexia Action

This provides excellence information on what dyslexia is and how you can support a Dyslexic person Click here to visit Dyslexia Action.

Provide information on how employers, should support staff with dyslexia within the workplace. Click here for more information

Applications for Kids

Reading & Maths

Cambugs is mainly aimed at users that are on pre-readers or for older readers, who are not fully reading yet or find it hard to pronounce sounds. This application helps users learn the sounds of letters, to help them read better. For information application click here provides numbers of applications for English and maths, to help your child learn at the same time, While still having fun when using the application. For information application click here

Mind mapping


Popplet is a mind mapping tool application which helps students learn, study and plan visually though drawing mind maps, it will help them learn key facts for exams, and can show relationships between facts click here to visit their website to download the applications.


SimpleMind is another mind mapping tool and is mainly for iPhone, iPad and iPod, which will allow for brainstorming ideas on these devices,click here to visit their website to download the applications.